We have a passion for Lavender at Martha Lane.


The Sequim Lavender Weekend is inspiring!  After visiting local farms, we were moved to start our own farm of lavender plants to share with others.  Since 2005, we have been farming this phenomenal plant.  We are committed to providing you with the highest quality lavender that we grow. During the growing season, come for a visit to experience this beauty for yourself!



Such a beautiful plant!  All varieties have their own unique scent, color & taste!  The colors of lavender, purple, pink & white are a sight to behold when our rows of plants are in bloom!


The plants make a lovely hedge when pruned each spring just before the new growth.  Click here for a guide on pruning and caring for the lavender plants in your garden.


If you are unable to visit and want a bundle or two to experience this beauty for yourself, we now ship fresh lavender bundles during the season. Check our shopping area for availability.


Precious Lavender essential oil is the core of our business.  We distill all our own here on the farm in our copper stills.  Nothing but the fresh flowers and water go into the still and what comes out is pure lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol.  Each variety has a fragrance of its own and can be used for culinary or aromatherapeutic purposes.


Click here to see our available essential oils.


Click here for information on Lavender essential oil.



The farming lifestyle brings us many enjoyable benefits as well as being the hardest work we have ever done. That said, farming lavender always brings the beauty of the field in bloom as payoff for a job well done!

To stand in our field with bees buzzing & the sun shining is truly a peaceful experience.  Come enjoy this with us!