Caring for your Lavender plants:


How great! You have bought a beautiful lavender plant.  You will be in for at least 10 years of fragrant beautiful blooms each season with just a little bit of care.  


You will need to put your plant in a full sun location where it will grow to about 2 feet around.  Lavender likes soil that has a pH of 6-8. 


In the plant's first growing season, you will want to trim all the blooms before they come to flower.  This will encourage good root growth for the long term health of your plant.  Every year, you will want to prune your plant moderately.  We cut our plants down the stems just above the last set of leaves that are not on brown wood.  We prune all our plants in early spring just before they start their seasons growth.  This annual pruning is essential to keeping your plant blooming well each year as well as keeping a tight habit.